Cristian Tăbăcitu

I build online products and help others do the same. I do it because it's fun and, apparently, I'm pretty good at it :-)


Favorite stack: nginx, PHP7+, MySQL, Laravel, Bootstrap, VueJS

For the past 9 years I've been building web apps for creative agencies, businesses, NGOs and individuals. I've done this as an employee, a freelancer, then as part of a team at my company, :DigitallyHappy. I've also worked on some super-secret projects and big brands. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you...

During these years, I've opened and closed two tech startups and one brick & mortar busines. These failed initiatives have helped me understand on-line businesses from a few more angles (business, marketing, growth, UX) and get a lot better at prioritization. The experience and knowledge I've gained from them have vastly improved :DigitallyHappy, and our clients are happy to confirm that :-)

In 2016 I've built and launched an open-source software that has caught on like wildfire, so now apart from running :DigitallyHappy, I'm trying to make an open-source business model work work work, work work. It's been a wonderful experience and a great challenge.


Backpack for Laravel
Founder & Maintainer

Helps Laravel developers build admin panels 10x faster. It has made 250.000+ projects better, and over 2.000 developers & companies use it every day.

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Managing Partner

Our teams are the "secret sauce" behind a number of start-ups, small businesses and big brands. We've been building web apps for 7+ years, have clients on 5 continents and have succesfully launched over 68 projects, including:

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